AdventNet ManageEngine Desktop Central

AdventNet ManageEngine Desktop Central 6.0

Desktop Central is a complete remote Windows desktop/laptop mgmt & admin software
6.0 (See all)

Desktop Management is a never-ending job for administrators. Configuration requests ranging from simple drive mapping to software installation keep the administrators on their toes. With increasing requests and a growth in the number of desktops, it becomes more difficult to keep up with escalating demand on limited manpower.
ManageEngine Desktop Central is a complete Windows desktop management software that enables remote management of desktops and laptops with its remote desktop configuration options and software installations. It leverages the Windows Active Directory and Group Policy Objects of the Windows 2000/2003 Domains to perform the configuration tasks. With over 20 predefined configurations, administrators can perform almost all the regular desktop management activities with ease. It helps to secure and standardize the Windows desktops across the network. The Web-based user interface allows for applying the configuration to a single or group of desktops using a powerful filtering capability.
The predefined configurations are Path, Drive Mapping, Environment Variables, IP Printers, Display settings, Launch Application, Shared Printer, Folder Redirection, Shortcuts, Message boxes, Windows Installer, Windows Services, Registry settings, Custom Scripts, Common Folder Redirection, Mail Profile, MS Outlook, MS Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Security Policies, Alerts, Legal Notice and XP Firewall configurations. The Active Directory reports include User, Computer, Group, Organizational Unit, Domain, Printers, Sites and DNS reports
Key Features
Supports Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 operating systems.
Predefined configurations to achieve most of the desktop management tasks.
Targets for configuration can be defined using include/exclude criteria.
Collection helps to group configurations, which can be applied to same set of targets.
Provides the status of the applied configurations.
Readymade reports of the Active Directory infrastructure components.

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